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Contributions to Publications



G. White, B. Serfontein and M. Pienaar, Africa Drawn (Rotterdam: DOM Publishers, 2015).



Pienaar, Marguerite and Pienaar, Morne. Contributed four chapters in “Building Construction Standards for South Africa/ARCHITECTIVE” as published by Architective Publications, 2014

Pienaar, Marguerite. Contributed to “Africa Big Change Big Chance” published by La Triennale di Milano, 2014,



Pienaar, Marguerite. “Commercial Johannesburg” as published in Joubert, O. (ed). 2009. 10+years 100+architects. Cape Town: BellRoberts. Pp. 168-169.



Pienaar, Morne. “House Rosa”, Architecture South Africa, July – August 2007: P 36 – 40.


Peer Reviewed Publications


“There is a there there – femininity, place and phenomenology in the work of Mira Fassler
Kamstra,” Architecture South Africa, Volume 81, pp. 15-18.


“Place, politics and consequence: Two significant houses by Norman Eaton from the late 1930s,”
Architecture SA, Volume 66, March-April 2014 pp. 38-47.


Individual Publications & Conference Papers


Pienaar, Marguerite “Revisiting Making: The space between Africa and Modernism in the work of Norman Eaton (1902-1966)” published in the tribute to Prof. Karel Bakker. Architecture SA, Volume 72, March-April 2015 pp. 37-49

Pienaar, Marguerite invited guest speaker at Hello Ambassador Creative Conference, Pretoria

Pienaar, Marguerite guest speaker at “Entangled Histories” EAHN Belgrade Conference, Belgrade



Pienaar, Marguerite invited guest speaker at Dialog 25 Conference in Bloemfontein



Marguerite Pienaar: Speaker

“Next Stop Kumasi”, June 2007, African Architecture Today, Kwame Nhkruma University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

Pienaar, Marguerite. “Henning Rasmuss – a House and a Project” as published in Architecture SA, May/June 2007, pp. 42 – 46

Pienaar, Marguerite. “The One Megabyte House” as published in Architecture SA, January/February 2007, pp. 64 – 67

Participant, “Holcim Forum for Sustainable Development”, April 2007, Shanghai, China



Pienaar, Marguerite. “Book Review”, Leading Architecture, September/October 2003, p. 68