About Feat
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FEAT. was originally established in 2009 and operated as one of the many cost centres within the larger  umbrella company HolmJordaan Architects & Urban Designers (where we later became directors). The practice was formed by us, and we are a husband-and-wife team: Morné and Marguerite Pienaar.


In 2011 we were asked to become directors of the firm HolmJordaan Architects & Urban Designers, taking leadership in design across various scales. Morné has been in practice for more than 20 years and Marguerite set out her career as an architect in 2001 before joining Morné.  We are both experienced, strategically-minded and results-driven architectural, urban design and master planning practitioners, with accomplished backgrounds in the conceptualization, communication, management and development of complex urban problems at various scales. We developed wide-ranging urban solutions that effectively addressed the social, legal, and economic implications of the physical form of urban built fabric. In practice, we head up design teams, designing and curating the design process,  reviewing drawings, construction documentation and detailing (Morné is a technical buff!).


You can our CVs elsewhere on the webpage. The FEAT website showcases the work that we have been performing across a broad spectrum that includes all scales and kinds, ranging from small, medium to large architecture projects to heritage consultation to urban scale projects.


We are both interested in the contribution of design towards the creation of compact cities, improved energy consumption, economic and social dynamism, market creation, and human development and climate change adaptation. We are also concerned about different scenarios of change in terms of how we live, engage, interact, and survive either as individuals, or as part of a collective within both urban and rural environments.




The name ‘feat’ has a double-meaning. On the one hand it refers to the noun as explained below:



noun: feat; plural noun: feat

an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength

  • synonyms: achievement, accomplishment, attainment, coup, master stroke, triumph; More

On the other hand, it is also short for ‘featuring’, which is usually used when two artists collaborate on the same project, often in the music industry. We both love to collaborate and share ideas with various amazing artists, design thinkers, architects, philosophers, technologists, urban designers, poets, researchers and the list goes on.




While we have done work across Africa, and have completed many projects in rural areas, we are also passionate about our home city. Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa, and a dynamic, fast-changing African city. Often-nuanced, the dimensions of the city are ever-changing, where opportunities and juxtapositions abound. It continues to be a place of exploration, a laboratory for ideas for change and the backdrop for many architectural and urban explorations over the course of the past decade.