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We approach all projects holistically, promoting sustainability as overall goal within all fields of expertise settled in our office. Green design is not only about energy efficiency. Instead it involves a whole nexus of interrelated issues, including urban, social, cultural, psychological and economic dimensions which are as important as the technical and ecological aspects.

Projects range from community facilities to large projects for private institutions, companies and the public sector.  Apart from providing pro-deo projects to communities, Holm Jordaan Group has undergone managed change to ensure an all-inclusive consultancy firm, committed to capacity building and Black Economic Empowerment.

We believe in networking with other companies and professionals and facilitate and encourage in-house and external training of our core staff. Apart from this, the following points are noticeable:

  • Members of the firm are actively involved in tertiary training institutions such as the Universities of Pretoria, Cape Town and Wits. Through committing our time, we believe we can contribute towards the training of all future professionals, but specifically the previously disadvantaged.
  • Gerrit Jordaan, one of the Directors, is a Trustee of the Architectural Career Advancement Trust.
  • Most of our projects, especially in developing areas, are based on partnerships with previously disadvantaged persons. Implementation is focused on capacity building.
  • Where possible, skills transfer is promoted in all projects.
  • Many community projects are done on a pro deo basis to assist local communities.